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Championships - Schedule & Scores By Division

Fair Play Winner: Richmond
Juvenile - March 22-25, 2012 - Lower Mainland Seafair -


Mar 22, 2012
Two very competitive Lower Mainland teams started the Juvenile Championship. Great back and forth game. Both teams finishing their checks. 0-0 score for the first and second periods. At 14:07 of the 3rd, Richmond put the puck in the net with a beautiful backhand goal. Seafair answered back at 8:22. The crowd cheered.....At 7:46 Richmond landed a puck in the net and that's where the score stayed. Great Game by both teams they played hard.
It was great to see the Winfield team at the Championship Tournament. Great bunch of players. BWC started the scoring in the first period at 10:10. Back and forth - up and down the ice. A few chance at both ends, but no scoring until 1:56 - Winfield put the puck in! 2nd period brought a goal in Winfield's net by BWC. Period ended 2-1 for BWC. 3rd period started with two quick goals by BWC at 18:21 and 18:06. The Winfield team worked hard but the BWC team kept them at bay. BWC put another goal in the net at 7:56. The goalies worked hard.
Nanaimo played their first game with a short bench. Scoring started at 19:16 by Surrey with 4 unanswered goals until 2:59 of the 1st when Nanaimo popped one in ending the period 4-1 for Surrey. Two more goals were scored in the 2nd by Surrey. Nanaimo's goalie #30 made all the right moves and kept Surrey at a distance. Both teams were working hard but the 3rd period proved to be too much for Nanaimo as their legs were running out of gas.
In one of the highlight match-ups of the round robin, the Bruins host the Islanders. Islanders open the scoring very early in the first, Bruins close the door for the rest of the period. Midway into second, Islanders strike again, then Bruins get on the board and then again; its a tie game heading into the third. Exciting opening to the third when Islanders get the game winner. Bruins try hard but can not get past the Islanders defensive unit. Great game to close the opening day of the BCH Juvenile Championships!
Mar 23, 2012
In the opening game for Friday, Clippers were home to Blues. Blues were awake, scoring 4 in the first frame, repeating the stat in the next two. Clippers worked hard and potted one midway thru the second and early in the third. Credit to Nanaimo players for working hard with a short bench, which should be up to count later today. Stay tuned for more exciting BCH Juvenile Provincial Championship action, hosted by Seafair MHA, at Minoru Stadium, right here in sunny downtown Richmond!
The Winfield Bruins met up with the top ranked Thunder. The powerful Thunder offense went to work quickly, notching their first early in the first period. Give the Bruins credit, they never quit working hard all game, their goaltending got a real work out. Bruins team perseverance paid off by getting 4 goals past the Thunder's defence. Both teams deserve credit for playing like true Champions here at Minoru in Richmond. Keep close for more exciting Championship Hockey action, continuing later this afternoon!
The BWC Bruins hosted the Blues in this anticipated match-up. Bruins struck early, Blues answer back quickly then mark another one in the closing moments of the first. Blues netted two more in the 2nd and one in the 3rd. The score doesn't tell the full story, as the Bruins worked hard, matching shots with the Blues, who had a hot defensive unit thru the second and third, shutting out the persistance offence of the Bruins. And so plays on the round robin here at the BCH Championship Juvenile Tournament hosted by Seafair at Minoru Stadium. Stay tuned for more superb hockey action this evening, tomorrow and Sunday.
What an exciting game hockey fans! In a rematch of the District Final Four, the Islanders hosted the Thunder; 1st period Thunder bolts onto the scoreboard, keeps Islanders off; 2nd period Thunder strikes again midway, Islanders break the lock and put one in; 3rd, Islanders keep Thunder at bay, then getting near the end, Islanders score again! We have a deadlock, both teams give their best, end to end, furious action. Result; tie between two very competative great teams. Excellent hockey action to close day two of the BCH Championship Juvenile Tournament! Keep close by for tomorrows exciting line up of games at Minoru, in downtown sunny Richmond.
Mar 24, 2012
Welcome back to day 3 of the BCH Championships hosted by Sefair MHA at Minoru. Todays opener showcased the Winfield Bruins and the Clippers. These teams hit the ice very ready to play! 1st period Bruins growl onto the scoreboard early, followed by one midway, then Clippers sail one in, followed by another, Bruins score with seconds to go! 2nd period, Bruin bounce in three, Clippers two; 3rd period, Bruins bang in three more and shut Clippers off scorboard. Bruins take the game. These teams are champion quality, working hard, very intense, good hockey match! The action continues early this afternoon right here at Minoru in sunny downtown Richmond!
Two of the top ranked teams met head to head this afternoon, right here at Minoru in sunny downtown Richmond. The Thunder hosted the Blues; what a good match-up! 1st, Blues tune one in, Thunder cracks back, then Blues, then only the roar of the fast paced game and the fans as chances come and go at both ends. 2nd, Blues again in the first minute and midway, keeping the Thunder in check for the balance of the second. In the closing frame, Blues add to their lead, but wait, here comes the Thunder! They catch the Blues napping and strike twice late in the period to make it a real exciting ending. Thunder runs out of time and Blues take the game. Awesome display of Championship hockey by both teams, at Minoru, brought you by Seafair Tournament Committee!
Clippers hosted the BWC Bruins in this action packed, sportsmanship filled game at Minoru. 1st, Bruins growl onto the scoreboard with two, Clippers torpedo any hopes of a Bruin shut-out by sinking two, Bruins rage back with four to close the frame; 2nd, Bruins claw two and then Clippers shut'em out; 3rd Clippers sail a couple into the Bruins cage, only to have Bruins burst out and grab two more! Game over, favour the BWC Bruins. Tommorrows exciting BCH Juvenile Championship action hosted by Seafair, will have the Bruins visit the Thunder at 8:00am, and Clippers visit the Islanders AT 2:00pm for round robin closing games in sunny downtown Richmond. Plan to attend early, seating limited!
Final game of Saturday at BCH Juvenile Provincial hosted by Seafair has the Islanders hosting the Winfield Bruins at Minoru. Heads up, Bruins are not hibernating, they score first, Islanders respond with three; 2nd, only one goal scored in the period, by the Islanders; 3rd, Islanders on a mission, sink 5, Bruins not shut out, do get one. End game, Islanders victory. Some spirted action in third. Sometimes less is more! :)
Mar 25, 2012
What a game to start off the final day of the BCH Juvenile Championships, hosted by Seafair MHA at Minoru in beautiful sunny downtown Richmond! The local District champions, Thunder hosted the tenatious BWC Bruins. Early in the first the cagey Bruins broke in with a goal to wake everybody up! Thunder turned up the heat to high, Bruins netminder stood on his head; 2nd, end to end action, both the Thunder and the Bruins had offense in high gear, neither could light up the scoreboard; into the 3rd, the action continues, then Thunder cracks one in, whole new game here, some really good opportunities on both sides, both defensive units held their lines! Game over,... Tie game for these two Titans, to end their round robin series. Some passionate action after the game and a heartening show of sportsmanship from both fine teams, well done gentlemen. But wait there is more to come, stay tuned as the Blues host the Winfield Bruins and the Islanders host the Clippers, then what we have been waiting for , the Championship game, in this exciting final day of Juvenile hockey action. Reserve seating recommended!
Nice match between Blues and visitors Winfield Bruins. Bruins had some good opportunities, but just couldn't get one in past the strong defensive unit of the Blues. Looks like both teams had some fun on the ice this afternoon to close out their round robin match-up. Our thanks to the Bruins for traveling the farthest to represent their Distict at the BCH Juvenile Championships. They can be proud of their committment and sportsmanship in the Tournament!
Islanders host the Clippers in this final game of the regulation round robin. The score tells a story, but there is more, Clippers played hard all way thru in truly Champion form here at Minoru this afternoon. Although somewhat "out-gunned" in the offensive play, they kept at it improving their defensive play and chipping away. A solid display of sportsmanship all round. Round robin completed, Islanders advance to the Championship game; be there tonite!
Championship Game time, virtually an SRO crowd of enthusiastic hockey fans from Lulu Island and through out the District, gathers to cheer on the Blues and the Islanders! 1st frame, the pace is fast and skilled, offense flows end to end, stellar defensive units turn back all, no score; 2nd period, same furious pace, 4 minutes in, Blues sing one across the goal line, looks like they will close the period with a lead, but wait, Islanders sink one with 33 seconds left, tie game; 3rd period, Blue tune one in at 14 minutes and then another at 12 minutes, Islanders play hard and fast but cannot get on the scoreboard again. Game over... Blues by 3 to 1, to make a "threepeet" at the BCH Juvenile Championships. These two teams could teach the pros some things about showcase hockey! Excellent play and sportmanship from both benches! And so closes another exciting Tournament at Minour in fabulous sunny downtown Richmond. A huge thank you to Seafair MHA for a great job hosting, to all the participant teams and coaching staff, to the on and off ice officials, to the families and fans, to the sponsors, thank you all! Til we next meet at the rink, good nite!

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