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Special Programs - Parent Education

The game of hockey is for kids. Kids play the game because they love it and because it is fun. As parents we must realize, that for kids, positive participation is always more important than excellence. The personal and social development that comes from being part of a team is one of the most enriching experiences offered by the game.

Being a hockey parent is no easy task. Hockey parents often fill not only the role of parent, but also the role of an essential hockey volunteer. Parents may be coaches, evaluators, directors, etc. Balancing these roles can be challenging. That is why BC Hockey and Hockey Canada provide resources and programs to assist parents in ensuring that their children’s hockey experiences are positive.

"Leadership and sportsmanship starts in the stands and it starts with you." 

Trevor Linden, President, Hockey Operations, Vancouver Canucks

Sportsmanship Starts in the Stands

A educational program launched in partnership with the Vancouver Canucks encourages positive behaviour by hockey parents in the rink.

Minor Hockey Association Resources

Parent Presentation (PowerPoint)

Trevor Linden Video (mp4) 

Parent Meeting Policy (PDF)

Parent Meeting Form (PDF)

Trevor Linden Picture/Poster (PNG)

Media Release

Parent Resources

Lessons From Behind the Glass

BC Hockey partnered with the Vancouver Canucks and author of Lessons From Behind the Glass, Allyson Tufts, to create a video series of "lessons" to continue to promote sportsmanship and positivity in the stands.  

Videos & Stories

Don't Force Your Passion

Leave Your Baggage at Home

Parents See Hockey Through a Different Set of Eyes

Before You Yell at Your Child for Their Performance on the Ice, Take a Look at Your Conduct in the Stands

Raise a "Good Person" who Likes to Play Hockey, Not Just a "Good Hockey Player"

Nothing in Hockey is Free, But It's the Cost that Teaches You the Most

Enjoy the Ride, The Game Will be Over Before You Know It

Play Through the Politics

Your Dreams Shouldn't Cost Your Integrity

Let Go of the Control. You Never Had it in the First Place

CLICK HERE for more information on Lessons From Behind the Glass, where to purchase and the inspiration behind Allyson's story.

Other Parent Resources

Hockey Canada’s Parents Program

Hockey Canada's Parents Downloads

Respect in Sport Parent Program RBC Where to Play

Use this tool to search for hockey organization(s) within Hockey Canada in which a person can play hockey. Enter the address of the person interested in playing hockey and click the search button.

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