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Administration - Bulletin Details
ISSUE #:      2013-25-A UPDATED
October 23, 2013
TO: BC Hockey Membership
FROM: Wilf Liefke
BC Hockey President

SUBJECT: 2013-2014 Suspension Guidelines - Junior B


Penalties incurred during BC Hockey games shall be reported as follows:
a)    GAME MISCONDUCTS AND MISCONDUCTS IN THE LAST TEN MINUTES: Rule 4.6 (c), Rule 4.5 (b) and all Game Misconducts in Section II
As per Hockey Canada regulations, any player that receives a game misconduct in the last 10
Minutes of a game will receive an automatic one (1) game suspension.
In games played under the jurisdiction of a League, District or Local Associations, Misconduct Penalties in the last ten (10) minutes of a game and all Game Misconducts shall be reported by fax or email to the President of the League, immediately upon completion of the game. The original copy of game sheet and referee report must be mailed within 48 hours of completion of the game.
In all instances in which Match and Gross Misconduct Penalties are assessed; the Referee shall forward the game sheet and referee's report by fax or email immediately upon completion of the game. The original copy of both forms must be mailed within 48 hours of completion of the game to the appropriate BC Hockey Divisional Director as set out in Section IX.
Those failing to abide by this ruling will be subject to suspension. For certain offences and/or where appropriate, a BC Hockey Divisional Director will notify the League or Team responsible for ensuring the suspension is served. 
II.        Game Misconduct Minimum Suspensions

For reporting procedures, please refer to Section I (a)
Description of Penalty
Hockey Canada Rule #
Automatic Minimum Suspension
Harassment of Officials                                       
2 games


Pre-Game/ Post Game Altercations
Any player involved in pre-game or post-game altercations where Majors and Game Misconducts are assessed  
2 Games
Coach of team whose players are so penalized 
Indefinite Suspension 
Any team involved in a pre-game or post-game brawl 
Indefinite Suspension 
Leaving the Bench Rule 9.5
Any player identified as the first to leave the players’ bench during a fight. (Rule 9.5 (b))
2 Games
Any player identified as the first to leave the penalty bench during a fight. (Rule 9.5 (b&d)             
3 Games
The Coach of the team whose player is penalized under the above two points.
3 Games
The Coach whose player left the player bench but is not identified as the first to leave the players or penalty bench during an on ice altercation. (Rule 9.5 (c) )
1 Game
Any p

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