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Administration - Bulletin Details
ISSUE #:      2013-16-A
July 11, 2013
TO: Junior Teams and Junior Leagues
FROM: Barry Petrachenko
Executive Director

COPY:Executive Committee
BC Hockey Staff

SUBJECT: Major Medical / Dental Coverage for Junior Teams

 Please note the following regarding Junior Teams’ enrollment in the Hockey Canada Insurance Program. Participation is mandatory, and fees will be collected as part of standard membership fees instead of being invoiced separately.
1.    Please note the following procedure in regard to major medical / dental coverage under the Hockey Canada Insurance Program:
  • Upon approval of membership, the standard membership invoices will be sent out AND team (player and coach) insurance fees will be included.
  • A team wishing to insure volunteers through the Hockey Canada Insurance Program is to enter those volunteers in the HCR. If their specific position is not listed in the HCR, please use “Volunteer.” If these individuals are not entered in the HCR, they will have NO medical or dental coverage through our insurance program.
2.    Fees:
  • Junior A
            i.      Players, Coaches and Bench Staff - $1500.00 per team
            ii.     Additional volunteers and executive other than bench personnel - $1.50 per person
  • Junior B
           i.      Players - $35.00 per player
        ii.      Coaches and bench staff - $1.50 per person (no additional charge – included in participant assessment fees)
           iii.    Additional volunteers and executive other than bench personnel - $1.50 per person
3.    Important notice for out of country players and team travel out of country:
  • Out of country players must purchase separate primary insurance that provides basic coverage while in Canada in order for the Hockey Canada Insurance Program to be in effect.
            i.    Please be advised that the Hockey Canada Insurance Program is a SECONDARY PROVIDER.
         ii.  This means that players who are residents of any country other than Canada must purchase primary insurance coverage. Failure to do so could result in a situation where no coverage is in place. HOCKEY CANADA INSURANCE WILL NOT RESPOND UNLESS PRIMARY COVERAGE IS IN PLACE.
  • When travelling to games out of the country, it is recommended that players purchase travel insurance.
           i.    All players, coaches, etc. traveling to the USA should be advised that although BC Medical offers some coverage, it will only pay at the BC rate and US hospitals often charge much more. An example given on the BC Medical website notes that in-patient hospital care in BC runs $75 (Cdn) a day. In the US, that same service often exceeds $1,000 (US) per day.
        ii.    Maximum total coverage for medical expenses under your hockey insurance is $5,000, and additional coverage limits exist for specific services.    As such, it is highly recommended that individuals purchase travel insurance. Failure to do so could result in a situation where most of the medical expenses will have to be paid out of pocket. 
4.    Additional information regarding the Hockey Canada Insurance Program, including deadlines and coverage limits, can be found in the Safety Requires Teamwork booklet. This booklet can be on BC Hockey website at
Please contact BC Hockey for further information regarding insurance provided through Hockey Canada.


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