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Administration - Bulletin Details
ISSUE #:      2016-034
August 11, 2016
TO: BC Hockey Minor Hockey Associations
FROM: Barry Petrachenko
Chief Executive Officer

SUBJECT: Criminal Record Checks for Minor Team Officials – Regulation Adjustment

Please note the change to Regulation 3.07 regarding the Criminal Record Check requirement of all BC Hockey Minor Team Officials.

Regulation 3.07

All BC Hockey Junior and Minor Team Officials must submit a Criminal Record Check (CRC) and a Vulnerable Persons Check (VPC) prior to any team participation in practices and games. A satisfactory CRC and VPC is valid for three (3) playing seasons and then must be renewed thereafter.

Reporting Requirement

All BC Hockey Minor Team Officials are required to submit a Criminal Record Check (CRC) and Vulnerable Persons Check (VPC) to their respective Minor Hockey Association (MHA) prior to any team participation in practices and games every three (3) playing seasons. It is the responsibility of each MHA to ensure compliance with the Regulation, and the secure and confidential management of these records.  BC Hockey will continue to administer all CRCs and VPCs at the Junior and Midget AAA levels.


A CRC and VPC consist of a criminal record name check performed by municipal police or local RCMP detachment. For residents of British Columbia, an online application available through the Ministry of Justice’s Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) is the recommended method to complete a CRC and VPC. It is recommended that MHAs register with the CRRP to receive free online record checks of volunteers that work with vulnerable people; this can be done by visiting the Ministry of Justice website (

Should you have any questions please contact the BC Hockey office at

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