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Administration - Bulletin Details
ISSUE #:      2017-023
July 7, 2017
TO: BC Hockey Membership
FROM: Barry Petrachenko
Chief Executive Officer

SUBJECT: Procedures for Addressing Variances to Non-Standard Rink Sizes

BC Hockey Policy 9.04 (Initiation and Novice Program Delivery), sets out that all games involving teams below the Novice division shall be played utilizing a cross-ice set up. The standard gameplay area for cross-ice is 85’ (L) x 78’ (W). Variances for ice size deviations at the below Novice level will not be considered.
All games in the Novice divisions (Minor and Major) shall be played utilizing a cross or half-ice set up. The standard gameplay areas are outlined below:
Ice Configuration
85’ (L) x 78” (W)
100’ (L) x 85’ (W)

Please note that the playing surface area is measured from board to board and not where the nets are placed.
Major Novice teams may play “Controlled Full-Ice” scrimmages as described in the BC Hockey Atom Transitional Plan beginning on February 1 of each season.
Note: that these scrimmages are not to include more than one (1) team (i.e. these are not exhibition games, they provide an opportunity for players from the same team or association to scrimmage with coach supervision on aspects of full ice hockey such as offside rules, icing, etc)
This process is to be utilized when requesting a variance on any non-standard rink (i.e.: mini/training rinks).
For clarification, the following surface area dimensions are allowable:

Division Age Playing Surface Dates
IP Minor 5 Cross-Ice All season
IP Major 6 Cross-Ice All season
Novice Minor 7 Cross or Half-Ice All season
Novice Major 8 Cross or Half-Ice All season


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