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Administration - Bulletin Details
ISSUE #:      2017-024
July 11, 2017
TO: BC Hockey Membership
FROM: Barry Petrachenko
Chief Executive Officer

SUBJECT: HCR Update – Criminal Record Checks

Further to Bulletin 2016-044 (HCR Enhancement – Criminal Record Check Tracking), please note the following changes to the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) pertaining to the management of member profiles regarding Criminal Record Checks (CRC) and Vulnerable Persons Checks (VPC).

The HCR has a CRC tab in the member profile view that is updated by users with appropriate access rights. Since November 2016 this tab has been utilized for entering all new receipts of CRCs by District Associations and Minor Hockey Association registrars (see Bulletin 2016-044 for complete details).
On July 24, 2017 Hockey Canada will be completing a data migration in the HCR to move all member CRC and VPC information stored in the Clinics and Qualifications and the Tracking Items areas of the HCR into the CRC tab within the member profile. This data transfer will occur automatically and the expiry date for each CRC will be populated based on the CRC Rules and Settings below:

CRC Rules and Settings
The expiration rules for CRCs have been set by BC Hockey in accordance with Regulation 3.07, stating that a satisfactory CRC is valid for three (3) playing seasons and then must be renewed thereafter.

The expiration rule appears as a fixed day from the issue year. All submitted CRCs will expire on July 31 of the third playing season (e.g. a CRC submitted November 15, 2016 will expire July 31, 2019).

Additional HCR information regarding the capabilities of the CRC tab and directions for use can be found here:
Please contact the BC Hockey office if you require any clarification on the information above.

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