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Administration - Bulletin Details
ISSUE #:      2018-029
July 6, 2018
TO: BC Hockey Membership
FROM: Barry Petrachenko
Chief Executive Officer

SUBJECT: BC Hockey Conduct Policy Update: 4.04 Video Review

Please find the following summary of updates to the BC Hockey Policy 4.04 Video Review. Also, the updated policy can be found as an appendix to this bulletin. These adjustments were approved by the BC Hockey Board of Directors on January 30, 2018, to take effect at the start of the 2018-2019 season.

Summary of Updates:

4.04 Video Review Policy – The heading of this section has been updated to “Video Review.” The elimination of the word “policy” eliminates redundancy.

4.04.01 Incidents Subject to Video Review – This is a re-titling of this section of policy that outlines situations where video review is permitted for submission. The three (3) pre-existing incidents remain and have some updated references and wording. Two (2) additional incidents have been added. First, requests to review the conduct of on-ice officials in accordance with Policy 11.04 has been added. Second, requests to use video to confirm the identity of a player requiring supplemental discipline when the incorrect player was originally suspended, for three (3) or more games.

4.04.02 Submission Process – Updates expand on the previous policy guidelines. The requirement of a legible copy of the game sheet and the guidelines for acceptable video submission formats have been added. An “un-sustained video review request” fee has been added for any submissions that do not meet the submission parameters or is deemed non-substantiated. This fee is to be invoiced only when a request is denied and will be invoiced upon such a denial. The Minor Operations Coordinator has been replaced by the Minor Discipline Coordinator as the appropriate Divisional Coordinator to review requests at the minor level. Additionally, the appropriate Coordinators have been added for the other levels; Midget AAA, Junior and Senior, etc.

4.04.03 Video Review Procedure – A new procedure has been outlined with regard to how a video review will be conducted. The Divisional Coordinator will provide the appropriate officiating personnel with the video for findings. The officiating program will provide findings based on the “conclusiveness” of the video footage. The Divisional Coordinator shall have the sole discretion to determine further action upon feedback from the officiating program. The process of updating the participant of the decision has been update within this section of the policy (4.04.03 d).

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