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BC Hockey Zone Program




BC Hockey launched a Zone Program in 2016 - 2017 when it partnered with the Okanagan Mainline Amateur Hockey Association (OMAHA) to operate a pilot project.  The project expanded in the 2017 - 2018 season with the East Kootenay and Yukon joining with the OMAHA.  Moving into the 2019 - 2020 season, BC Hockey will continue to work with District Associations in the operation of a zone program.

This webpage will provide you with an overview of the Zone Program and the most up-to-date information and will be updated as additional information is confirmed.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact BC Hockey at 250-652-2978 or

Zone Program Feedback


Zone Program Classifications

CLICK HERE for further clarification as to the terminologies to be utilized to identify teams within the ongoing pilot project for zone hockey.

Evaluation Camps 

*Players interested in participating in the Yukon district are to attend the camp in their home territory

NOTE: Players who register and attend the Major Midget/Major Bantam evaluations and are released will be transferred to the Zone AA program at no additional charge.

District Participation


Zone Bantam Zone Midget

East Kootenay

One (1) team One (1) team

West Kootenay

One (1) team One (1) team


Four (4) teams: North, Central, Thompson, South Four (4) teams: North, Central, Thompson, South

North Central

One (1) team One (1) team

North East

One (1) team Zero (0) teams


One (1) team Zero (0) teams
Whistler/Squamish One (1) team

One (1) team


Team Staff Selection

Team Staff are yet to be determined for the 2019-2020 season. As staff members are announced, this page will be updated.

Individuals interested in being involved as a Zone program staff member are encouraged to apply by clicking HERE



East Kootenay 

Jordan Foreman   East Kootenay  Brennan Foreman

West Kootenay

Brandon Moffat   West Kootenay  

North Central 

Brent McIssac   North Central  Jason Garneau

Okanagan - Central 

Kevin Lindsay   Okanagan - Central  Devon Sandvold

Okanagan - North

Shawn Lund   Okanagan - North  Sandy Moger

Okanagan - South 

Carter Rigby   Okanagan - South  Colin Minardi

Okanagan - Thompson

Kyle Allan   Okanagan - Thompson  Neil Pilon



North East

Ray Taggart      

Evaluation Process


Phase I

  • Spring Camps held from April - June
  • 10 skaters and one (1) goalie to receive a roster commitment

Phase II

  • Selected players to participate in ice session in late August to early September
  • Player invitations will be for 2-3 goalies, 7-9 defense and 12-14 forwards
  • Participate in 3-5 ice sessions for evaluation purposes

Phase III

  • Selected players to participate in ice sessions first week of September
  • Minimum of one (1) ice session and one (1) exhibition game
  • Player invitations will be for 2-3 goalies, 6-7 defense and 11-12 forwards 

Phase IV

  • Roster finalized by the second Sunday of September

Okanagan Midget

Phase I

  • Spring Camps held from April - June

Phase II

  • Selected players to participate in ice session in late August to early September
  • Player invitations will be for 2-3 goalies, 7-9 defense and 12-14 forwards

Phase III

  • Selected players to participate in ice sessions first week of September
  • Player invitations will be for 2-3 goalies, 6-7 defense and 11-12 forwards

Phase IV

  • Roster to be finalized on September 21, 2019

NOTE: The Midget evaluation process will align with the BC Major Midget League and Minor Midget evaluation process.

Zone Leads:

East Kootenay Leann Smith
West Kootenay Chantal Filion
Okanagan  Rob Evers 
North Central Trevor Sprague
North East David Alexander
Yukon Travis Richie



Zone Program Enhancements


BC Hockey Suppliers
  • Access to BC Hockey suppliers (accomodations, equipment, travel)
  • Assistance from BC Hockey in booking logistics
General Manager/Zone Lead Meetings
  • Two (2) in-person meetings held during the year.  The meetings will be held prior to the Spring Camp Evaluation process and start of league play
  • Bi-weekly video conferences for enhanced communication and program review
Mental Health
  • Access to mental health resources developed by BC Hockey
Orientation Meeting
  • Meeting held with all team staff in August prior to the start of Phase II of the evaluation process
  • To provide the staff with an operation manual
Player Evaluation
  • Creation of a Player Evaluation Lead positiion with BC Hockey to standardize the evaluation process for zone progamming and to provide players with feedback and their evaluation form
Program Evaluation
  • Quality Observation conducted in-season to evaluate the program.  Each program will be visited and a formal review conducted
  • Zone Programs adhere to BC Hockey standards
Strength & Conditioning
  • Development of a standard work out program for all zone programs.  Access to a yearly plan with over 500 YouTube training videos
  • Access to meal plans and nutritional information
  • Operated by Matthew Davey, BC Hockey Program of Excellence Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Teams will be provided with TeamSnap Pro accounts organized by BC Hockey
  • Access to the Hockey Canada Network App for coaching staff
  • Access to the Hockey Canada Gold Standard Portal, and information hub for elite players and coaches
  • Development of a Zone Program website
  • Will include: statistics, weekly recaps, live scoring through electronic gamesheets and program information
Zone Lead
  • Zone Lead position further developed with the alignment of Major Midget staff


BC Hockey is currently working with Minor Hockey Associations (MHA) and facilities to confirm ice bookings for the 2019 - 2020 season. 

The Zone Program will operate a 20-game schedule.  This is subject to change based on additional district participation.

Program Cost

The following outlines the expected cost to participate in each program.  These are subject to change based on adjustments to the operation of the program.  A team fee will be applied over and above the fee below.  The BC Hockey fee will include team/player assesment charge and applicable tax over and above the amount listed below.

The BC Hockey fee will include:

  • Game and practice ice
  • Team bank account and credit card service charges
  • Team staff honourarium
  • Team trainer honourarium and training supplies
  • Orientation meeting
  • Officiating costs
  • Player evaluation procress
  • League website, statistics and news
  • Program Administration Fee
  • Team jersey, pant shell and sock set (each player will keep one jersey at the conclusion of the season)
  • Dryland training
  • On-ice skills training
  • Exhibition game costs
  • Team supplies (pucks, water bottles, coach board, coaching software, etc.)
  • Team staff mileage and meals

The program fee is:

East Kootenay

$ 3,361  

West Kootenay

$ 3,213  


$ 3,971  
North Central

$ 3,731

North East

$ 3,776

Yukon $ 9,900  














*plus applicable tax and player/team assesment fees

NOTE: Fees are subject to change. If changes occur, this page will be updated to reflect the most up to date information.

An additional team fee wil be charged above the BC Hockey fees above by the team.  This will allow the team consultation with the parents to plan accordningly.  This fee will include:

  • Tournaments
  • Meals on the road
  • Hotels
  • Transportation

Teams will be eligible to submit a request to access the BC Hockey Equipment Package.  Team requests must be submitted by June 1 for the upcoming season.

  • Warrior helmet
  • Warrior gloves
  • Stylized hoodie
  • Stylized track pants
  • Pro Warrior bag
  • Workout shirt
  • Workout shorts
  • Custom Goalie sticks

Program Policy Manuals






BC Hockey is a non-profit organization and member of Hockey Canada in charge of governing amateur hockey at all levels in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.

Approximately 150 minor hockey associations, 55,000 players, 4,500 referees, 20,000 official volunteers and countless others make our great game possible here in Pacific Canada.



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