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Player Information


Are you interested in playing hockey but unsure how to register or where to go?  Please contact your local Minor Hockey Association (MHA) or the BC Hockey office at

There are approximately 150 MHAs within BC and the Yukon, each with their own established boundaries.  Your MHA will depend on your residential address and the correct MHA can be verified by contacting the association.  Once you have established the association to which you should belong, contact that association for further program information, fees, registration, etc.


All injury claims must be submitted to the BC Hockey office within 90 days of the incident.  For more information please read the Participant Injury Reports Bulletin.

Players who are residents of any country other than Canada, must purchase primary insurance coverage.  For more information, please read the Insurance Coverage – Out of Country Competitions and/or Players Bulletin.

Safety Requires Teamwork and Safety for AllAn Information Guide to Hockey Canada’s Risk Management and National Insurance Programs and a Guide to Understanding Bullying, Harassment and Abuse for Parents and Guardians

Long Term Player Development

The Long-term Athlete Development (LTAD) model is based on the needs of athletes. The formation of a long-term plan in hockey stems from the fact that a very high percentage of athletes in the High Performance Program respond to questionnaires that their goals are to play on provincial and national teams or to receive post-secondary scholarships. At the same time, they have no idea how to get to that level, thus the need for a long-term plan.

The proposed model for long-term athlete development includes these main phases:

  1. FUNdamental
  2. Learning the Skills
  3. Training to Train
  4. Training to Compete
  5. Striving to Win

Click here for more information on the Long Term Athlete Development Plan.

Parent Guide to BC Hockey's Long Term Player Development Model (PDF)

Training Tools           



Around the Body

Attack the Cones

Bench Hops

Behind the Back – Fore and Back

Between the Legs

Figure 8 Use Backhand

Figure 8 Quick Movement

Figure 8 with Weight

Flip and Jump

Hand/Eye Coordination

Heads Up

One/Two Ball Stickhandle

One Foot Balance and Stickhandle

Push and Pull – in Front

Push and Pull – on an ‘L’

Roll the Wrists

Short and Long

Soft Sliding Bottom Hand

Stick Flip

Stick Handle with Ball Dribble

Stick Handle with Soccer Dribble

Stride and Stickhandle

Squat and Stickhandle

Top Hand Only

Two Foot Balance and Stickhandle

Under Hurdle

Weight on a Square


Mental Training


Pre-Game Mental Preparation

Psychology of Injury Management


Convenience Store Snacks

Fast Foods

Fluid First

Nutrition for Hockey

Sodium Facts for Athletes

Sport Nutrition on a Dime

Sport Psychology in a Nut Shell

Travel and Restaurants

Games and Stuff from Hockey Canada

BC Hockey is a non-profit organization and member of Hockey Canada, providing stewardship of amateur hockey at all levels in British Columbia and Yukon.

Approximately 150 minor hockey associations, 55,000 players, 4,500 referees, 20,000 official volunteers and countless others make our great game possible here in Pacific Canada.



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