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BC Hockey 100 Great Moments: Pre-1919
Sunday, January 13, 2019

Before the creation of the British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association (BCAHA) there was some important hockey history that lead to what it is today.  The Dawson City Nuggets of 1905 challenged the reigning Stanley Cup Champion Ottawa team to a three (3) game series in an attempt to take the title from them.  Nothing went right from the start, as the Nuggets faced harsh travel conditions, setting them more than five (5) days behind schedule.  They arrived in Ottawa without their star player, and less than forty-eight (48) hours before their first game.  Dawson City dropped the first game 9-2, but remained confident as they were fatigued for the opener.  Records that will stand the test of time were set during the second game, when Ottawa player Frank McGee scored 14 goals, leading his team to a 23-2 victory.  The Nuggets remain the only team from the Yukon to play for the Stanley Cup.  The Stanley Cup is also much older than the National Hockey League, dating back to 1892, when Sir Fredrick Arthur Stanley donated the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup.  The name however didn’t last long, quickly becoming known as the Stanley Cup.  The now ghost town of Phoenix British Columbia, once had a very successful hockey team, winning the provincial championship in 1911, and wanted to challenge for the Stanley Cup, but were too late to qualify. The town, built around its copper mine, fell off when the mine closed in 1919, now all that remains is the town cemetery.  Rossland introduced women’s hockey in 1900.  In 1901 they began competition, and were practicing up to six (6) times a week.  The team was very seldom defeated, and would win the West Kootenay Championship every year until 1917.  The team is one of the longest lasting women’s hockey teams in the country.



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