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Fred Heslop Minor Hockey Week Awards - Danielle Drummond
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Haines Junction is a small northern community of 600 in the Yukon Territory.

Danielle played hockey as a kid in Manitoba and went to Notre Dame as a teenager, which grew her passion for the game.  Shortly after she moved to Haines Junction, with her husband and three (3) children, she immediately sought out Haines Junction Minor Hockey Association (MHA) and asked to volunteer, which resulted in her becoming a director, then president of the Association.

She is currently the Haines Junction MHA manager, and spends hours and hours of her time ensuring the success of the minor hockey program in our little village. She recruits hockey professionals to travel here to run power skate clinics, she organizes tournaments with neighboring communities in Yukon and Alaska, she recruits Board members and volunteer coaches and parents and kids.  She ensures our program is accessible to every kid in our village, which results in almost every kid participating in hockey.

She organizes fundraisers and fills out countless applications for funding to pay for all our ice time, seminars and clinics. She picks up recyclables and cleans up garbage in the ditches, she flips burgers and mans the table at the annual bazaar to raise funds. She drives kids to hockey, and then home again, she ties hundreds of laces, she makes herself available when coaches aren't available to come to practice, she steps in every week and goes above and beyond to make hockey happen in Haines Junction.

Danielle encourages women and girls to get involved in hockey.  She scheduled ice time for women's hockey and plays herself every week. She helps to organize a women's jamboree where women and girls from all over the Yukon come to play. She encouraged Atom and Pee Wee girls in Haines Junction to travel to Whitehorse on the weekends to join in the all-girls league and volunteers many weekend to drive girls the 300km round trip to play hockey in the "big city". Some of our girls now get to travel to Vancouver this March to play in the Ice Classic Female Hockey Tournament.

Danielle makes the hockey program in Haines Junction the best in the Yukon. She does all this because of her genuine love and passion for the game. We don't think there is anyone more deserving of a Fred Heslop Minor Hockey Award than Danielle Drummond.

Danielle does all this for minor hockey in Haines Junction, on top of working part time at our community school, and being an excellent wife and mother to her three (3) kids. She is remarkable.



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