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BC Hockey Awards
Thursday, June 24, 2021

Diamond Stick Award

Laurie Wishart

Laurie Wishart is passionate about hockey and more so about female hockey. Laurie speaks from the heart about making hockey accessible to any girl, regardless of financial means or technical ability. She has truly done it all as a dedicated and selfless lifelong hockey volunteer, serving primarily in multiple leadership roles for more than 25 years.

Where Laurie has really focused her efforts over the last 25 years is on the administrative side for both Minor Hockey and Senior Female Hockey. In 1995, Laurie joined the Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey Association (JDF MHA) Board as their treasurer. This began her distinguished career working toward improving the game of hockey. Within three years Laurie began the role of Director of Female Hockey for JDF MHA. Her passion and commitment towards female hockey was extremely impactful for JDF MHA and also at the district level. Laurie served as the Managing Director for Vancouver Island Amateur Hockey Association Female Regional Program from 2015-2018.

In the Spring of 2018, Laurie indicated her support for the concept of a female Minor Hockey Association in Victoria. She was soon on the Board of Directors and as the Association took shape, she gravitated to the role of Registrar. She had the monumental task of engaging with each family at their initial contact with the Capital Region Female Minor Hockey Association.  There was no one better suited for such a task as her passion and enthusiasm for Female Hockey is always at the forefront.

Laurie’s commitment to senior female hockey is also exemplary. She was the founding President of Island Pacific Female Hockey Association in 2003 and served continuously in that role until 2015, taking a brief hiatus before resuming her presidential duties in 2018, where she remains to this day.

Laurie is not new to being honoured. JDF MHA presented Laurie with the Lifetime Membership Award in 2003. Lifetime Membership and similar awards generally coincide with a volunteer's retirement or departure from the association, yet she has remained vital to the hockey community ever since. Her involvement in female programming actually increased from there. We are all very excited to see where Laurie looks to help take the game of hockey, and more specifically female hockey, moving forward. Congratulations Laurie you are incredibly deserving of the Diamond Stick Award.



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