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Governance - Documents

BC Hockey Governance Model Support Materials 2015

Constitution, By - Laws and Regulations (PDF) 

Governance Chart (PDF)

Operational Chart (PDF)

Operational Design (PDF)

Terms of Reference (PDF)   


The Purpose of Governance Review (PDF)

A brief overview of the reason for review and the intention of this webpage

Restructuring for Program Committees Proposal (PDF)

This document is the original proposal for a new program design which outlines background, an analysis of the need for change and the original proposal for the new structure.

BC Hockey Approved Program Terms of Reference (PDF)

The Terms of Reference for Program Committees was approved by the BC Hockey membership at the 2014 Annual General Meeting.  These Terms of Reference are now included in the policy and form the basis of the program operational design.

Three Minutes for Governance

These short videos will give you a brief overview of a variety of topics.

Minor Hockey - Addressing Regional Matters with a Competency Based Board 

Presentation (PDF)

Script (PDF)

Junior Hockey - Addressing Regional Matters with a Competency Based Board

Presentation (PDF)

Script (PDF)

Understanding the Difference Between Policy and Operations

Difference Between Policy and Operations Presentation (PDF)

Difference Between Policy and Operations Script (PDF)

Budget Approval

Budget Approval Presentation (PDF)

Budget Approval Script (PDF)

Nominations from the Floor

Nominations from the Floor Presentation (PDF)

Nominations from the Floor Script (PDF)

CEO vs ED Explanation

CEO vs ED Presentation (PDF)

CEO vs ED Script (PDF)

Governance Educational Resources

2013 BC Hockey AGM Presentation by Marilyn Payne (PDF)

This presentation is an excellent source of foundational information on governance in sport management, function of a Board of Directors and the role of committees in sport organizations.

SIRC Governance Material (PDF)

This memo contains links to excellent resource material on governance supplied by Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) including access to templates and samples, a free educational module for developing governance practices and an electronic newsletter for leadership and governance.

Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) Mandate (PDF)

This brief outline covers the fundamental role of PSO like BC Hockey.

ViaSport Risk Management Guide Produced by 2010 Legacies Now (PDF)

This comprehensive document examines risk management from an organizational perspective and the need for an organization to manage the correlation of risk management and good governance.

Suggested reading: Perry, H and Perry, S. (2008), The Board – A Winning Team,  Big Bay Publishing, Owen Sound, Ontario,

An orientation book for every director on the board

BC Hockey is a non-profit organization and member of Hockey Canada, providing stewardship of amateur hockey at all levels in British Columbia and Yukon.

Approximately 150 minor hockey associations, 55,000 players, 4,500 referees, 20,000 official volunteers and countless others make our great game possible here in Pacific Canada.



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